Friday, 16 October 2015

Temporary Rec redevelopment plans

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  2. Existing section through West Stand is substantially inaccurate. Rake of temporary open seating in front of the permanent part of the West Stand is 125mm per row (AA to H). The West Stand proper is approximately double that (2 steps up between rows). The section has the temporary seating at at greater rake than the permanent and Row I, the front of old West Stand, below row H. If you can't draw this correctly, then it puts the viability of the meat of the proposal in doubt - i.e. will it fit?

    Please confirm how rain water will be collected and transfer to the ground. Existing roof throws the water back towards the river and if the gutters get blocked with leaves (standard autumn hazard), it has limited (or no customer) impact. Proposed new roof is pitched, has no identifiable ready means of access to conduct basic maintenance and at the scale shown, rainwater disposal system is not discernible. Changing a few drips falling down the neck of those in (current) row E to shower won't win any friends!

    If approved, how will existing season ticket holders seats been translated onto the new set up? There was a lot of unhappiness on this when the east stand was extended up a few rows a couple of years back . It would be good to get this clarified well in advance so any wrinkles can be identified and ironed out with us before it becomes a PR disaster.