Monday, 21 September 2015

The Real Friends of the Rec - Notes From The Rec Trust AGM

At last Wednesday's Bath Recreation Ground Trust AGM a couple of items came up that might be of interest to RFOTR members.

1. The Rec Trust has almost completed an agreement with B&NES Council regarding a future lease granted by the Rec Trust for the Leisure Centre. The Rec Trust will grant B&NES a lease until 2069 but including a condition that if the Leisure Centre is ever not used for a 2-year period it is to be demolished. In return B&NES will write-off the debt of £289,000 that they claim that the Rec Trust owes them due to expenses incurred by B&NES when the Rec Trust was under their control. B&NES will also carry out £2M worth on work on Rec improvements to put right work not done whilst B&NES controlled the Rec Trust. The Trust plan to include the refurbishment of the Cricket Pavilion in this work.

2. The next steps that the Rec Trust take following the successful Upper Tribunal appeal are dependent on whether the further 'appeal on the appeal on the appeal' by Messrs Sparrow and Carne is allowed. Assuming that no further appeal is allowed the Rec Trust will submitted a new Scheme, which will then allow a new lease with Bath Rugby to be put into place.


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