Thursday, 2 May 2013

Try reading this aloud without passing out through the lack of full stops or laughter... :)

I am extremely disappointed at the way the Bath Chronicle has persistently supported Bath Rugby's misuse of the Rec, especially when so many alternatives are available, including their own land at Lambridge – which is clearly available to them for the business expansion they seek, and we urge all at the Bath Chronicle to give more space and support to the protection of our city rather than to Bruce Craig's financial interests in Bath or the Bahamas by giving more space and more exposure to the lies behind these inappropriate plans for the misuse of the Rec Trust's assets at so many levels. Your paper seems to either ignore or conceal this from the exposure it deserves.

I look forward to seeing my letter in the Bath Chronicle and to witness a change in your future policy over the protection of this irreplaceable public open space so vital to the future health of all Bath citizens rather than advancing the financial greed of one multi-millionaire.
Anthony Hooper Johnstone Street Bath


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