Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Future of the Rec Consultation “drop-in”

I visited the session held in Bath today (19th) by members of the Trust

I learnt that in replying to the consultation you need to focus of the Benefits to the Trusts objectives of “The Scheme” not to other parties e.g. The Rugby Club, Bath Businesses etc

So for instance you may make points like;

 With the transfer of the Lambridge land the amount of Open Space available to the Trust, to meet is objectives, increases by over 100%

 The Scheme will mean that any threat to the Leisure Centre will go away. Currently into doesn’t conform to the Trust objective “.... to maintain and let the land as an open space ...”. This will protect sports facilities for the residents of the City in line with the Trusts objectives

Hope this helps

Dave Beament

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