Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Today members of the RFOTR Committee met with members of B&NES council who support the Bath Recreation Ground Trust Board to get a briefing on the Charity Commission Draft Scheme for the Rec. This Scheme will be put before the Trust Board at the November 29th Trust Board meeting - RFOTR members welcome to attend. On approval by the Trust Board the Charity Commission will allow 28 days for comments before finally adopting the Scheme.

Some key points of the Scheme are:

1. Resolve the breaches of the existing trusts arising from the lease to Bath Rugby Club.

2. Bath Rugby will have a new lease no longer than the expired term of the current lease. This lease will have a larger footprint in exchange for replacement land suitable for the purpose of the charity.

3. This is the Charity Commission Scheme created by them.

Information about the Draft Scheme can be found at

Approval of this Scheme will be the final step in a long road to getting Charity Commission endorsement for, and removal of barriers to, an arrangement that will enable redevelopment on the Rec. A key last step for RFOTR members and others will be to provide positive responses back to the Charity Commission on the Draft Scheme in the period from end of Nov to end of Dec. In a week or so we will be back to members with information on how they can do this. The Rec Trust will also be producing booklets with simplified information about the Draft Scheme and how people can respond to the Charity Commission. Stay tuned!

This is all a huge step forward - after almost 15 years we are getting very close!

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