Friday, 5 October 2012


At yesterday’s (Oct 4th) Bath Recreation Ground Trust meeting David Dixon (Councillor - Chair of the Trust) made a brief but highly significant announcement. The Charity Commission (CC) will soon publish their ‘Scheme’ for the Recreation Ground (Rec) which will deal with land use at the Rec. There will then be a statutory notice period of 28 days within which people can send comments into the CC. This will not be a consultation like the one 18 months ago, as this time free form comments will go directly to the CC. When the ‘Scheme’ is published there will be a special Recreation Ground Trust meeting when the Trust will announce their plans to publicise the ‘Scheme’ and outline how people can send comments into the CC. The Recreation Ground Trust will also respond to questions about the CC ‘Scheme’.

This is very positive news as once the 28 day statutory notice period has passed, and should the CC finally adopt the ‘Scheme', the way will be clear for planning applications to be submitted for development on the Rec. We will, of course, let RFOTR members know how and when they can submit their comments to the CC. It is expected that this will be before the end of the year.

Significantly, members should also be aware that the outcome of the consultation that took place 18 months ago was key in getting the Charity Commission to move ahead with a ‘Scheme’ for land use on the Rec.

We are moving steadily forward in enabling the Rec to become a great venue for ‘All Sports for All People’!

You can contact the Executive Committee via email at

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