Monday, 22 October 2012

Bath United team to face London Welsh A

15. Ollie Devoto
14. Olly Woodburn
13. Sam Vesty
12. Luke Adamson
11. Horacio Agulla
10. Tom Heathcote
9. Mark McMillan
1. Charlie Beech
2. Will Tanner
3. Kane Palma-Newport
4. Jake Oldaker
5. Freddie Clarke
6. James Tyas
7. Guy Mercer
8. Joe Buckle


16. Jake Fields
17. Tom Dunn
18. Adam Jamieson
19. Tom Baldwin
20. Josh Ovens
21. Chris Cook
22. JJ Kilmartin
23. Richard Lane

London Welsh A v Bath United - kick-off 19.30

1 comment:

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