Wednesday, 26 September 2012

An invitation I couldn't refuse!

Every now and again you get an invitation that you would be foolish to refuse.

After the Warriors game I wrote a tweet about what I believed to be aimless kicking by Bath. In the tweet I mentioned Gary Gold. What came next I truly didn't expect......a Direct message from the man himself! After a small discussion via direct messaging I had a better view of the tactics deployed in the match. From this original discussion I was invited to join him for a coffee at Farleigh House and have a relaxed chat. I later received a confirming invite from a certain Mr Flatman to meet the two of them. My eldest son was hugely jealous, as an aspiring prop he has huge admiration for Flats and I was off to meet him and Gary Gold. Well who would turn that offer down?

As I pulled up in front of Farleigh house it suddenly dawned on me how lucky and honoured for such an invitation, as walking to reception just scanning across the field and seeing the Squad in training mode in truly stunning surroundings. I waited in reception to be greeted by Flats who then progressed to walk me through to make ME a coffee! A guy I'd watched and supported for his nine years at the Rec making a coffee for me, instantly I realised just how relaxed and friendly the whole set up is at Farleigh.

For a period of time I sat in a room almost chewing the fat with Flats while Gary Gold finished up on the training field. From talking to Flats his passion for the club has continued off the field after his retirement and you can tell his friendship with the squad is still just as strong. Whilst in the conversation I was informed of quite nasty messages delivered to him and others in regarding the way the Barkley situation was handled. From talking to him he made total sense stating 'until all of the facts were in place why do any form of press releases, how would that help'. Olly Barkley made his final decision and shortly after they announced that it was going to happen, Bath don't wish to speculate or add to rumours and believe the fans are entitled to the entire story.


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