Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fans view on Bath Rugby Inside Out update - 'Another twist???'

After the Telegraph's revelations last night saying that tomorrow Gary Gold will finally sign as the DOR at Bath Rugby and Mike Catt to be offered the head coaches role today again it's all change!

It has now been suggested that due to backroom staff changes and other possibilities being now looked at the announcement will be delayed to the end of the Aviva Premiership season.
With so much speculation and rumours fluttering around the frustration is now again starting to mount.

If I was a player at Bath Rugby (I wish!!!) what kind of detrimental effect would this be taking. With so much speculation and uncertainty engulfing the club would this be a settling environment or encourage me to want to hit the 100%. How would such unbalance effect the concentration of the players. Although on the flip side of this is, its the best time to show your worth. With a new coaching team set to take over its the best time to show how a pivotal role un the squad.

I thing is for certain for most Bath fans the decisions can't come quick enough, so we know the potential force we all hope the Blue, Black and white army truly can be!

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