Friday, 13 April 2012

Fans view on Bath Rugby Inside Out - 'Devils advocate'

With tonight fixture with Sale Sharks baring down on us at a rate of knots, I wish to raise a small question?

With the potential of either team fighting for a possible European spot, as 7th in the Premiership may come in play. Would it be such a huge tragedy if Bath were to have a season away from Europe? As a Bath fan this question may shock and bemuse a few, but for such a question I do have some justification.

I'm very much aware of what financial implications may come from not partaking in the esteemed tournaments, before everybody mentions it! But with a new coaching regime soon to enter the frame surly its time to rebuild and restructure, almost begin from fresh. Whoever the illustrious ones are who take the helm of this squad will obviously make some changes and break it down to their styling.

Yes there has been some unlucky retirements and I'm sure players will move or be guided away to other clubs, to which I wish them well. But I feel to to become the force Bath once was a strong, powerful and unified team is needed to be developed. Without the extra complications of any extra fixture concentration can be channeled into the Premiership.

My feeling are I would rather see a reasurgence in the league and lead on to becoming a driving power again rather than a mediocre side meandering through a ropey campaign.

With Bath sitting 2pts behind Sharks and some big games to follow even 7th may be a big ask. Bath have to try and find their stride and take it to Sharks, Wasps then Tigers! Although Sharks other 2 fixtures are just as tricky with Gloucester and Quins to compete against. So in fairness there is lots to play for, but would that be for the best??? Bath rugby wins are sometimes the best feelings in the world so for the next few weeks we will have to sit back cheer on and enjoy the ride!!! Allez Bath!!

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  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head with this. The euro cup is not something Bath need to worry about next season if we are to return to the ways of old and to give the players a chance of a better domestic season with new coaching staff. We need to gel more and not over coach the side to give the players the best chance of developing their own styles and flare. Come on Bath return to the old ways and develop from the strong defence we already have and the best training ground in the premiership.