Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fans view on Bath Rugby Inside Out - 'Worries!!!!'

With the departure of Geech and quite a disappointing campaign so far, there are just a few concerns about Bath Rugby I have.

Within the squad there are a mix of youth and experience, some new and some old faces. It seems that a few players just are underperforming. So with a new coaching staff coming on board soon will there be a clear out to bring new in or could we lose players? With such a shakey season could some of the new signings who have shone through may feel all their work has been in vain. With inspiring signings such as Attwood and Caldwell to name 2, they could be tempted to say goodbye. why should they put in so much effort when the likes of Donald, this huge name signing, have failed to live up to their billing. I think Bath need to build a squad no look for the big names!!! Search the local talent such in the days of yore and get players with Passion not egos.
My main wish is that for this search for success they don't sell off the young and enthusiastic and ping for some big names. It would be a shame for another Freddie Burns situation to occur. Players such as Mercer, Heathcote, Cook etc stay in the colours of Blue, Black and White!!!

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  1. It is worrying and annoys me everytime I watch Freddie Burns at Glaws!

    Heathcoat will be better than Burns, let's hope he keeps faith with the BBW

  2. Moody was a waste of money, SIM was a waste of money, now Donald looks like he could be a waste of money.

    We need a new coach that can make some 'clever' signings rather than the big name!

  3. I heard Barkley was the one that convinced Freddie to move to Glaws with him?