Monday, 16 April 2012

Fans view on Bath Rugby Inside Out - 'True fans????'

I can happily say I've been a huge fan of Bath Rugby for 28 years since the age of 5. Fortunately for me I got to make frequent trips to HQ to watch Bath win many trophies. But even through the rough times- professional transitions and a relegatation battle with Bristol in 2002/03 both finishing on 36 points, just a better score difference saving them going down!!! And yet I still follow the Blue, Black and white.

I may now not get to the matches as often as I wish, I'm not a season ticket holder, go to away games but I still follow and support! This does not make me any a lesser of a fan than others, or more than a short term new fan. What I feel is if you support your team you do it with passion, belief and expectations of success. You support and cheer for your team if your sat in the 6x stand, novia, terraces, pub or loafing on your sofa that's the job of a fan!!! There is no superior hierarchies nobody is more or less!!

But the one difference with a rugby fan over a football fan is respect for the players. After the picture from wembley yesterday seeing a man doing a Nazi salute holding his child whose flipping the bird, showed a scene that would hopefully never seen in a rugby ground. With rugby we all have our own opinions and believe we are top pundits knowing what would aid the performance of their team. If a poor showing is witnessed we'll voice disapproval and possibly point players who had a weak game. But what a TRUE fan does not do is to single a player and decide to publicly clog the man. A man who has been a talisman through their time at the team. If they've had a poor game so be it, there was also a few others who made mistakes, they may be professional but also human!!!
If your a fan support and cheer, even voice an opinion but don't abuse.........its an oval ball no round!

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  1. Unfortunately this season has been a hard one to swallow for us Bath fans, maybe our sights were set to high to begin with? But in all honestly it would be hard to point out a single player when 11/12 of the 15 have been consistently poor or even worse, looked uninterested at times.

    I think Bath fans have a right to voice their disapproval seeing as these guys are being well paid to play, many of us have played the game and know you can't be on the money all the time and at the end of the day there has to be a loser, but at times this season even the basic skills have deserted the players, I'm sorry but that simply isn't good enough.

    I hope Rugby never goes down the dark path that football has, but that shouldn't mean that Bath fans can't voice there opinion on sites such as this or ERE.

  2. Shame that Bristol went down in 2003. They are a truly great club and will no doubt supplant B**h and regain their greatness soon

    1. Exactly the attitude we don't want. Yes it was a shame but why the vitriol against Bath. Rugby is a family there should be no hatred against other clubs just friendly rivalry and a drink afterwards not this long term abuse from just down the road.