Monday, 30 April 2012

Fans view on Bath Rugby Inside Out - 'Is all well in the Roman (Craig) Empire? Open letter to Bruce Craig'

What a great afternoon at The Rec last week. Bath beat Wasps and almost sent them down, can you really believe that? The rain held off as well. Good luck to Belly & co for their futures and thanks for the memories.

Well I can't believe it was the last home game of the season, what happened to the last 8 months of my life?

Bruce I've seen a lot in the press and on blogs about the problems at Bath Rugby. Most would seem to favour bad coaching, however, is that the whole story? I have it on reliable inside information that you may have a touch of the Roman Empire syndrome. That is, I'm “top dog” cus I put all the money in, so I must know all there is to know about the game of Rugby. I know you have played, 5 seasons in France and thats a great peidgree, however, is that enough to overule one of the best coaches this country has ever produced. Come on Bruce you have run a very successful Business and you didn't do it on your own. You know what has to be done, employ a great team and let them do their jobs. No one can be a success if the boss is always breathing down their necks and I hear that is what you have been doing.

All the fans are very grateful to you for the money you have invested in the team we love, don't mess it up by thinking you can do everyone's job, that just destroys morale and keeps everyone wasting time looking over their shoulder.

Hears to next season. Lets hope its a great one, with a great team allowed to do their jobs.

Written by an anonymous fan to be know as 'The Inside Man!'


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  1. Wow, I feel that at reply from someone slightly more grounded in real life may be in order:

    What can you say about Bath Rugby’s 2011/2012 season, well enormous disappointment from all concerned from fans to players alike. I’m not going to endlessly regurgitate the reasons and excuses that we all have heard and said a thousand times this season. We had a bad old time of it and not one sole reason caused this, lets hope, as we always do, that next season will bring the entertainment and success we all crave.
    However the pompous comments regarding Mr Craig, I can’t let pass without a small retort:
    Bruce Craig owns Bath Rugby, he is the “top dog” so like it or not what he says goes, if he wants to put Timmy Mallet in as Director of Rugby, there is not a thing you, I or any other of the Bath faithful can do about it!!
    The pure arrogance of seeming to know what Mr Craig’s thoughts, ideas and general plan for Bath Rugby is astounding and stating inside knowledge is just a huge “cop out” to spread unsubstantiated malicious gossip. The man is proven to be an extremely successful businessman and also passionate about the game we all love, (remember that? the love of rugby!) so where does the conspiracy theory come from that he is here just to ruin the Club because it is his new play set and can do as he likes!
    I think we are lucky to have Mr Craig as our patron, just cast your eyes East to see the horrible situation Wasps are in, not something I would relish happening to Bath Rugby!!
    I think things will come good, Mr Craig is no fool and will want to succeed in his latest objective and I feel with our backing as FAITHFUL Bath Rugby supporters and not just turning on the next easy target we will achieve a new generation of excitement, great rugby and fingers crossed some silverware. Belief.

    And posting anonymously is gut-less, so I put my twitter name to this @stevethurbs