Friday, 20 April 2012

Fans view on Bath Rugby Inside Out - 'Best 15 of all time!!!!!'

With it being such a mishap of a season do we have any players that would fit into Bath Rugby's top 15 of all time?

If you look back through Bath's glory days of the club it is steeped with players of supreme calibre which can only be pronounced as legends. You could run a list of names from Hill, Barnes, Chillcott, Spurrell, Ubugu, Webb, Trick, Dawe, Horner....... The list could go on for ever!

With the change from amateur to professional how many old school boys could stand up in the modern genre?

So the question to be layed down is if you could pick the ultimate Bath rugby 15 who would be your starters. Could any of this days squad fit into that 15 or any of them to be future ultimate Bath 15?

Ok give it a go pick your starting line up and see how many over fans agree.....

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