Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Why do the BBC cover West Country rugby so poorly? Your questions answered...

We try hard to reflect all the sport across our region. I agree we do have some of the best rugby teams in the country here. Perhaps not as great as they once were, but certainly with the ambition to be the best.

I think it probably appears that we cover more on football because of our access to the game footage. We have the broadcast rights to use football matches, but rugby is held by ITV. This means we have a very limited number of times we can show the pictures. We do endeavour to find ways around this and to tell individual stories of our clubs but clearly the over-all impression will be that there is less coverage. We have a responsibility to use the football footage well. If at some point in the future we have better access to the rugby footage the same,
I'm sure would be true.

I hope that gives you some context to what we do.

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  1. Agreed. The coverage of West Country rugby is appalling. Rather than showing proper West Country teams like Bristol we have to put up with these out of town London like jokers from some place called Bath. Disgusting.