Saturday, 17 December 2011

Leinster's finished article is at hand

EARLIER THIS week Leinster captain Leo Cullen concluded that at least Leinster were creating opportunities to score tries, even if they were not finishing them. If inaccuracy was a problem at The Rec, the flip side was that the most difficult part of the equation was sound enough.



  1. While Bath scored three tries in the final quarter of this match, there is no denying that there is a hugh gulf in class between Leinster and Bath. There is only one dimension to Bath's game i.e. to physically dominate the opposition. In contrast Leinster seem to have a plan A,B and C to deploy whatever the opposition they encounter. Sir Ian will need to vary the Bath style if are ever to regain the glory we enjoyed in year past.

  2. There is some truth to the above comment. However, a sudden change in style would probably result in a string of defeats and possible relegation out of the Aviva premiership. The priority must be to avoid relegation and that means we must stick to the current formula but introduce improvements only on a gradual basis,