Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Do you agree? Harsh but fair?

A paragraph from the Irish Times:

Admittedly, in all this, Bath were utterly abysmal. So much lateral running, little or no decoy runners or straight runners, or defensive or attacking shape come to think of it, double-skip passes by their, em, World Cup-winning outhalf to props wide out, utterly aimless kicking and glorified spectators at the breakdown, Bath looked (or were made to look) the worst English Premiership team ever to pitch up hereabouts in the Heineken Cup.

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  1. Sums it up quite well

  2. Long Term Member.

    Unfortunately I have to agree. We so lack pace in the center of the field,and you have to ask what's going on behind the sceens.

  3. Unfortunately I agree with the analysis. The high quality of the Leinster team and their variety of attack made Bath look like a team who were simplying rugby by numbers. In fairness to Bath however let us not forget that last season Leinster beat the then best three teams in England (Saracens, Leicester and Northampton) and the then best three teams in France (Racing Metro, Clermont and Toulouse). Indeed they gave Saracens a spanking in Dublin not disimilar to that given to us. the Leinster 'A' team has topped its group in the British and Irish cup and I would suggest that the Leinster 'A' side could have also comfortably beaten Bath. The question now for Bath is how we can change our game for the better. Surely with expertise such as Sir Ian at our disposal it must be possible to devise more imaginative game plans.

  4. Yes, and the club are so embarrassed they can't even be bothered to update the website with the score.

    The fans are getting very restless.


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