Friday, 23 December 2011

Bath owner Bruce Craig insists rugby calendar must divide into club and international competition time

Bath owner Bruce Craig has warned rugby’s governing bodies that the club game could struggle to survive in its current form unless radical reforms are made to the domestic and international calendars.

Craig, who amassed a £900 million fortune from his pharmaceutical business, fears conflict could erupt between the club and international game if the existing set-up is maintained.



  1. Craig is talking absolute nonsense from Mauritius. Suggar-daddies like Craig are destroying the game of Rugby in England.

  2. Bonsoir from France. Hope 2012 sees an upturn in Bath's fortunes on the pitch.
    Used to be a 'Recer' in the 70's and 80's. Anyone remember the days when Bristol played with letters on their backs, and Bath, a N° 16.
    Times have moved on: Mr Craig being a point in case. I can see a split, in the next 2 or 3 years between the IRB as it is now, the Home Unions and the elite of English and French clubs. Finance will be the crunch point. THe IRFU's, (Irish Rugby), decision to put a quota on foreign players there will be in force. The WRU will apply their salary cap, and Scottish Rugby will still control club rugby there . This will leave the RFU and FFR to fight it out with their respective top clubs, a relationship that is already strained. With the 2015 RWC to organise, and the IRB shift away
    from England, 2012 will be interesting.