Tuesday, 30 August 2011

GALLERY: Bath Rugby V Bristol Rugby

Bristol Rugby ran local rivals Bath close at the Recreation Ground on Friday evening, losing 20-16 in difficult conditions despite a hugely encouraging performance. Freelance photographer Tania Richards took some shots on the evening.

See the photos...


  1. Sorry guys but I couldn't help noticing the typo Gallery? whilst looking for Bath Forum which has just unceremoniously been booted from the website. Too much criticism of all the cock ups in the past proving a little tough for the new regime? Not sure the offy webby is now worth a visit without forum..........what do you say?

  2. My bad.... Typing it quickly the other day and should have proof read (changed it now) The silver lining is it started some nice banter on twitter :)

    Just took a visit to the new offy to notice there wasn't a forum! Anyone know if this will become a perminate 'non' feature?

  3. Hawkeye, could you start a new thread re bring back the fans forum?
    According to the club it is not planned in the website and telling no one about it is an oversight. They say they might reconsider if there were a huge request to bring it back, but not holding my breath.