Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A letter from The Real Friends Of The Rec


Many thanks to all the RFOTR members who have responded to the Rec Consultation! So far over 1100 members have told us that they responded, so we certainly hope that this has had a big impact on shaping the outcome of the consultation.

In order to address the debate about where the responses have come from (the 'antis' believe the majority have come from outside 'Bath & is environs') we have mapped the locations of our members who have told us that they responded. You can see the maps at http://www.realfriendsoftherec.co.uk/responses. They show conclusively that the vast majority of responses have come from Bath and the immediate surrounding area.

The 'antis' are getting very active in the letters page of the Bath Chronicle so any letters of support to the paper ASAP would be appreciated. Email address at the Bath Chronicle is letters@bathchron.co.uk.

Thanks very much for all your help!

The Real Friends of the Rec

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