Monday, 28 February 2011

Kyle Eastmond update...

Kyle Eastmond has NOT been named in either of the Rugby League England Elite Training Squad or the England Knights that is a total of 57 players.

This must mean he has switch codes or fallen out with the coaching staff!

Update (4pm)

The story has just been published in The Guardian:

'Kyle Eastmond has been omitted from an expanded England training squad for 2011, providing a further indication of the move to rugby union that is finally expected to be announced by Bath later today.'


Update (9.30pm)

'Royce Simmons has confirmed on Radio Merseyside that Kyle Eastmond is going to Bath Rugby at the end of the season'


  1. As a Saints fan I must say you are welcome to the petulant little child, his attitude stinks. Please be aware that my opinion hasn't just been formed because of this move, I've watched him for a while now and despaired at how often he goes AWOL when things don't go his way. You'll see a very good player if things go his way but beware everyone else has to do the dirty work and if he's on big wages that won't sit well with the others.

  2. Sam Tomkins and Eastmond progressed through the youth ranks at the same time at wigan and saints.

    Just compare how the last few years have gone, tomkins is an integral part of the wigan side and has not missed one game, eastmond has missed over 30% of saints games and been inconsistent at best

  3. Huuuuggggeeee risk. Good player, very arrogant and petulant. Has yet to lead Saints to a single trophy as the 'apparent' successor to the legendary Sean Long. He hasn't really shown any leadership abilities and is incredibly feable. Indeed, you'll find yourselves concerned every time he goes into contact as he has a tendency to come out hobbling each time. Rather fancy he'll be on the way back in 3 years and if the 200k figure is correct then I honestly think Bath are out of their mind.

  4. You might need to get the posts widened to fit his head through!