Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Is the Jacques Boussuge the next Bath Rugby signing??

According to Malco (ERE editor), he has been in contact with Jacques Boussuge from Montpellier and he is keen to make the switch to the Rec.

Quote - Malco(13th July): He is leaving Montpellier because of club politics and has told his agent that he would love to come to Bath. His agent has been in touch with Bath but they haven't had a definitive response yet. He essentially seems to be saying "please come and get me"!

Quote - Malco (14th July): I have received another message from Jacques this morning. He says he doesn't want lots of money, he just wants to play rugby. He loves Bath and played here in the challenge cup in 2006/2007. He has great respect for Smee and for Bendy, who he played against at u21 level. He is essentially saying "come and get me", but also seems to be saying that he doesn't have much faith in his agent

Heres a video of Jacques Boussuge in action:

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