Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today's news - Conflicting reports

Today's Western Daily Press

'Bath Rugby expect to make an announcement today about significant investment'

The Indepenent:

'Having the clout of major new investment would surely be good news for Bath and a public announcement to that effect is expected to be made by the club today – after the players have been informed at a morning meeting. It is understood that a multimillionaire businessman from the south-west, now based in France, is behind a substantial financial injection that could impact on proposals for a new ground.'

Malco (editor of ERE)

'I communicate with the club via email mostly, with the occasional meeting. I have had definitive emails from the highest levels of the club yesterday and this morning stating that there will be no announcements TODAY regarding investment, owners, the stadium or Geech. I am on the club's media list and I haven't received a press release or an invitation to a press conference. There may be announcements made about these things on another day and there may be announcements made today about other matters. There wouldn't be a press conference for the announcing of a new player, or the re-signing of an existing player, for example, unless it was a world superstar. I don't see why they wouldn't tell me the truth.'

Time will tell..
What does everyone think? Should we get our hopes up?


  1. 2pm announcement..

    BBC Radio Bristol

    "Bath Rugby have called a press conference for this lunchtime and are expected to announce major new investment in the club"