Monday, 26 April 2010

Is Joe Maddock staying or going?

A couple of interesting quotes from today's papers, read into them what you want!?
Todays Western Daily Press has an interview with Joe in which he says:
"I have not signed anywhere. This is more of a family decision and we have got a few things we need to think about. I love Bath- and my wife and my daughter love Bath- but maybe a change would be nice as well. We have got a lot to think about, but Bath is still an option."
From Mark Souster in The Times today:

"Bath opened Wasps up repeatedly and Joe Maddock was the main beneficiary with a hat-trick of tries, including the interception of one cut-out pass too many from Danny Cipriani. Maddock is out of contract and assessing his future. He would be mad to turn his back on a club who are moving in only one direction. It has been an incredible week. "It's all a dream," Meehan said, "and I don't want to wake up."


  1. As an aside, I assume Maddock can't play for the England team? He played for the NZ maoris so I'm not sure if that rules him out?


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