Friday, 30 April 2010

Butch James and Daniel Browne staying or leaving?

Todays Western Daily Press on Butch James:
 "Butch is staying at Bath. There were suggestions of making a formal announcement but Butch wanted to keep it low-key and concentrate on helping the team into the Premiership semi-finals. If there is a comment to be made it is that Butch sees his future as being with Bath-and we as a club will support him in his endeavours to play for South Africa again "
Meehan went on to say, "Butch is a good guy and a good rugby player and it is great to know he will be sticking around "
Great news...that has made my Bank Holiday Weekend!
Daniel Browne is leaving Bath rugby at the end of the season (he is out of contract) according to the Rugby Times.
Good luck Daniel!


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